Tue. May 17th, 2022
Survived Covid
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Survived Covid

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On the 8th of September my son tested positive for Covid 19 after being exposed to it at his high school.

Needless to say our entire family showed symptoms and were tested a week later.

We all tested positive and self isolated for ten days.

After a few days, lots of vitamin c and zinc, I could not get rid of the cough and fever.

The doctor admitted me to hospital and after a few tests he started treatment for moderate Covid Pneumonia. 

I received a drip with plenty of antibiotics and had to do breathing exercises to try and improve my lungs.

After six days in the hospital I went home with even more pills and medicine to take.

I got tired quite easily and took it day by day on my road to recovery.

It has been a fight of survival and now I’m seriously thinking of getting the jab.


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