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Opportunities Remain After Two Rounds of Policy Drive

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It has become a general trend for Chinese Internet companies to go overseas. From the perspective of environmental comparison, entry difficulty and market development, the BRICS countries are relatively good choices. In the near future, I will share with you the Internet market situation of the BRICS countries one after another. Due to the length of the article, it is difficult to reflect the whole picture. Therefore, I will write in the form of a note, and select the main points and differences to share. It is for reference only. one. Two important time points in the Indian Internet market There are two important time points for the development of the Indian Internet market. One is in 2010, the official bidding for 3G licenses, which is the starting point to accelerate the construction of Internet infrastructure, and also marks India's entry into the 3G era.


Unlike other countries, India has almost skipped the development of the PC Internet era and entered the mobile Internet era directly, and 3G has just started, and the 4G era will follow. The other is that in 2014, India's Portugal Phone Number List new Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially took office, and successively opened the curtain of Internet reform, especially the "Digital India" strategy launched a year later, and promoted about 18 billion US dollars for Internet infrastructure construction, It brought the carnival of the entire Internet industry in India. Judging from the data on the number of netizens and the Internet penetration rate, the Internet in India was put into operation in 1995. The number of netizens in that year exceeded 10,000 and reached 66 million in 2010. After 15 years of slow development, the Internet penetration rate reached 5%. Since entering the 3G era in 2010, India's Internet development has entered a fast lane. By 2014, the Internet penetration rate has increased by 10 percentage points to 15%,


and the number of Internet users has reached nearly 200 million. It took five years to complete the road twice as much as the past 15 years. After 2014, the growth has been more rapid. It is estimated that the number of Internet users in India will reach 460 million in 2017, and the Internet penetration rate will be 31%. It will take three years to complete the road of the past 20 years. (Comprehensive Internet Trends Report 2017 released by Internet Queen Mary Maker and forecast report released by Mobile and Internet Association of India (IAMAI)) Two-wheeled tuyere driven by policy For developing countries like India, the gap between the rich and the poor is relatively large, and residents' understanding of the Internet is relatively weak. In the early stage of development, the biggest opportunity and outlet is the change of national policies, policy-driven supply-side reforms and external Advantages are introduced to drive consumption. Enterprises that can make layout in combination with local policies can often achieve good d

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Good day Christopher,

I am unfamiliar with their site or service.

Thank you for subscribing to Bias Boy. I'm looking forward to some interesting posts and/or replies from your side.

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