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Some of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

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Snakes are one of the reptiles that frightens everyone. Since its appearance thousands of years ago, researchers have been able to identify some 3,000 species of snakes. Although some of these snakes are extinct, a few more will soon become extinct.

Listed below are the 10 most beautiful snakes in the world.

Asian Vine Snake: This green snake has amazing black and white geometric shapes and is hidden under its green scales. This pattern can be seen when a snake feels threatened and expands its body.

Blue Racing Snake: Formerly known as Coluber constrictor, this type of snake is often seen in its gray color and sometimes in its blue color. They are most common in southern Mexico.

Oriental Coral Snake: Also known as Micrurus fulvius, is one of the most beautiful snakes. Despite its beauty, however, it is highly toxic. They walk in the woods. It is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately after experiencing the rhythm of this type of snake as your respiratory organs may begin to shrink within a few hours.

Green tree python: Most famous for its green color when grown. The green anaconda is usually red, yellow, and dark brown in color when young.

Iridescent Shield-tail: Iridescent shieldtail, is one of the most beautiful species of snakes. It is invisible, and scientists have little or no idea how they behave in the wild.

Red-headed krait: Red-headed Krait is the most venomous snake. It is commonly found in southern Thailand and grows to about 6.9ft.

Formosan odd-scaled snake: This is a bright, shiny type of snake with an Iridescence rainbow. Formosan odd-scaled snake is commonly found in Taiwan and the Japanese islands. It can be used as a pet because of its harmless nature to humans. It eats worms, frogs, frogs and other small animals.

Honduran Dairy Snake: This type of snake is harmless, with its distinctive red, black, and yellow color. It is like a cobra in all its ramifications.

Brazilian rainbow boa: Its shiny leather that glows over its black and brown patterns, makes it different from other types of boa. The Brazilian rainbow boa is found in Central and South America.

San Francisco garter snake: For some people, this type of snake is the best kind of snake in the world. Whatever the case, the San Francisco garter snake is incredibly beautiful. It is best known for its bright stripes along with its deep coral.